Thursday, 27 October 2011

Perfect Shopping

The bridesmaids' dresses have been bought :) I'm really happy with them, they're beautiful and they look amazing on my ladies. It was such an easy buy; we met at 9:30 at the shop, they got me the dresses which were kept aside for me, they each went into a changing room and came out almost simultaneously. The dresses fit perfectly, they liked how they looked and they were really comfortable in them, so I was really happy. I don't believe in putting your bridesmaids in dresses that don't make them look their best, after all they're going to be in the photos so they should look lovely. In just 30 minutes the dresses were in hand. It was really smooth and hassle-free - just perfect. 

Until now I've not been a bridezilla so I'm hoping that things will continue to go smoothly :) Next on the agenda is my dress :) I'm really looking forward to that and trying on different styles and just making the most of it all. 

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