Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Coupon

A few weeks ago we attended a stand-up comedy show which was sponsored by a local search-directory company who gave everyone a branded mug and a booklet full of coupons. Here's the admissal - I love coupons and bargain and saving schemes. 

If a packet of tea comes with a biscuit offer, darn right I'm going to buy it. Having said that, I'm not coupon crazy. In fact, the following paragraph will probably give an extreme couponer a stroke, or something equally bad.

Yesterday evening we decided to go out for dinner and I suggested that we go for a curry. (I love me some Indian food!) And we knew that we had a 15% discount coupon so I diligently cut it out, put it in my purse and off we went.

We ordered, had a great meal and then asked for the bill, paid up and left. As soon as we arrived home, it hit... we didn't use our discount!! 

I would probably be kicked out of any coupon club after that. However, it just means that we have to go back for more curry!

Do you cut out your coupons? And do you actually use them?

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  1. Anonymous22:46

    I don't and actually consider them to be irritating as junk mail! However, both G and I go regularly to McCafe for our coffee and we've used their offer of getting a free one with every 5th. It saved me withdrawing money from the ATM this morning! :-D


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