Monday, 17 October 2011

Cluck Cluck

What are your thoughts on hens nights? Or bachelorettes as you might better know them. I think they're a fun tradition; however, I think that the key to enjoying it is to not place too much emphasis on it, and definitely not to worry about what's happening at the stag do.

My maid of honour is already concocting ideas of what she's going to organise and (thankfully) I trust her taste! I'm sure she's going to plan something special and fun but just to be on the safe side I did tell her that I don't want a meal. Idon't want to be stuck at a table eating - we can do that anytime. I believe that a hen's night needs to be innovative and fun, although not necessarily embarrassing. I'm not fussed about being dressed up but I don't want willies on my head or anything like that. 

This is when the wedding planning starts getting really fun :)


  1. Anonymous13:06

    I had gone to a spa for the day with some girlfriends. We had a laugh and God knows I needed the treatments to relax a little!

  2. The best hen parties I've had were of Ed's sisters-in-law. We organised them all ourselves and all at home. For the first party the theme was film noir. We actually all dressed up as male characters from that particular genre & we played were soundtracks also from the same genre.

    The theme of the 2nd hen's party was to wear something bright. We used these colours as teams throughout the night. We had loads of games such as make-a-bride (out of toilet paper) etc.. it was great fun..

    The third hen's party was a Geisha night. We sang karaoke (from the x-box), made a film from old photos of the hen and played some games.. All three were at home and there was nothing phallic.. they were amongst the best hen parties we ever had.

  3. Anonymous22:14

    Mine was a surprise trip to Malta, and a trip to a villa in a limo, where all my cousins and friends were there waiting for me! No strippers or phallic cakes - it was fun :)


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