Sunday, 16 October 2011


I think I've found my bridesmaid dresses :) I've got a choice of two, both of which I really like and which I think will suit my bridesmaids really well. So now it's just a matter of choosing! It was a big decision for me because I quite dislike the typical bridesmaid dresses that people choose. I find that satiny, obviously bridesmaid dress material to be boring. I want my bridesmaids to look gorgeous and to feel comfortable in what they're wearing. At least my ladies are all  relaxed and very supportive.

Now what's your opinion about bridesmaid shoes? Should they all have the same shoes or can they have different shoes as long as they're the same colour scheme?


  1. I like the idea of different shoes but same colour of course.

  2. Anonymous16:00

    I think you should mentally picture all the bridesmaids standing next to each other and the rest of the wedding party, and then slot the shoes into the picture... my opinion is that it doesn't matter if the shoes are all the same as long as the overall picture is good :-)

  3. Anonymous22:10

    I only had two bridesmaids, and they had different shoes. One felt comfortable with high heels while the other wanted lower heels. They were two different styes, both in the same colour, and both were happy :) If the dresses are long, the shoes won't make that much of an appearance.


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