Tuesday, 25 July 2006

The curtain closes

Tonight shall be my first free evening without any commitments! Great, but also rather sad because I had got used to seeing the same people, and I enjoyed their company. But it's also good to get your life back and be able to plan things and go out with friends without them feeling like you've abandoned them!

The play ended well. The audience was a bit poor which, in one word, sucked but the final curtain call was a well-deserved one and one of much relief. The 2 good things about the last audience were the two gorgeous men who came to watch. One of them was sitting in the front row and would have stopped traffic, and the other was sitting in the very last row and almost gave me a heart attack! I saw the latter at the bar just before the play started and after picking my jaw up from the floor lest I should trip in it, I positioned myself at a table and man-watched! He then went to speak to Queen Pea so immediately after I went scrounging for details, and as she began telling me who he was and what he did I realised that he was my pharmacist... erm, actually that's a wrong link. He wasn't the pharamacist of that entry, he was another one - the blue-eyed one who I'm sure I wrote about but cannot find the entry... ooh here we go! So then I enjoyed backstage cos I was ogling freely without the risk of being seen and reported as a stalker.

Yesterday evening was the Cast Party which was great. The food, the company, the location... it was a fantastic evening and we really laughed and I didn't even have a drop of alcohol!

This morning I need to get some work done; send out e-mails, update spreadsheets, and generally administer things. I also have to stop by uni to see my class position.


  1. Wow.. you've been busy of late. Hope you enjoying some moments with yourself.

  2. With myself or by myself? Either way, the answer is no :P

  3. Ain't that a perfect reason for you to teach me lessons in english?? ;)


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