Tuesday, 28 March 2006

No time to get bored

Thank God for Summer Time because the day lasts 'longer' and I need it to be that way.

I was given all my assignment deadlines, and they're all crammed in the last week of May!! It's actually quite shocking to think that I only have 2 months left of my uni year, considering I left a full-time job to go back there. But it was a very good academic year and I'm glad that I took this step. And now my M.A. in September? Ajma hej...

And I'm currently immobile since that idiot thought it a good idea to drive at 80km in a 40km zone and smash my car to smithereens. So now I'm on the phone everyday trying to sort out its sale, and possibly buying a second-hand car so I'll at least be mobile, and will not be paying my loan off without even having a car. Extra hassles.

Work is going well though; MMON has taken off well and I love the working from home business :) in my pyjamas, with my tea and Boccelli in the background (found in Disc 2 of my CD Changer, it then goes on to a compilation of Pink Floyd, Gin Blossoms, Anouk, Pulp, Joni Mitchell, Five for Fighting, and Coldplay in Disc 3).

And my day and a half a week in the ICT dept. of EC is also fun. The team are great and the work is going to become interesting. At the moment it's a bit mundane cos I'm mapping the whole website, but once I get involved in web content it will be more creative, and then there's the Newsletter which has to be done too so that will be quite fun.

Nothing very interesting to report unfortunately... wait, one thing... I am the honorary aunt of the cutest little puppy around! He's a pug and his name is Ed, and he has a habit of peeing on whoever is holding him. Hanini! If you put your face to his he'll lick your nose! So so cute. He's only 2 months old and he can be carried on one arm. I wish I had a cousin for him, but not for the moment *pout*

Ooh and I also met a gorgeous pharmacist today. I think I shall be buying things from there more often :)

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