Saturday, 22 July 2006

Lesson of the Week

If you hear something about a friend, keep it to yourself. Nothing good comes out of knowing extra information that is inherently useless.

Two more shows left... time's running out.

Mid-way through summer, and haven't swam nearly as much as I intended. I'd go this afternoon but people think it's a good idea to get a pedicure on a Saturday afternoon! Not in summer I don't think, but anyway, I digress. Now, do I walk down the road and find the sea in front of me and go alone, or do I stay indoors which is cooler, and forego the swimming?

I have decided that I shall not be starting my Masters this October. It's not the right time. There are other things that I want to do this year, and evening lectures will clash with everything and I won't be able to cope. So for now, the Masters is sitting quietly on the back burner. At least I'm now qualified to do it, which was the most important step. Maybe I'll even manage to study abroad if I don't rush into things.

For a Communications graduate, sometimes I'm really crap at communicating what I want to.


  1. Nooo.. don't swim. Stay indoors it's much pleasant :D

    So what next until Masters will happen?

  2. Work to earn money and give myself a well-deserved holiday :)

  3. A well deserved holiday. kewl.. So where are we going to??? ;)

  4. Lol... I think you've travelled quite enough for the time being! :P


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