Thursday, 27 July 2006

Wacky stuff I want!

Cow cups

Fondue Mugs

Coin Sorter

Chalk Mug


Sleepy Heads

Squidgy Cow & Penguin

Flopsy Bunny

Not So Scary Monsters


  1. Heheheh the marketing manager of that website is one of my friends... he'll be very pleased the company has such a fan in you!

  2. no need for sofa's, bean bags are great! :)

  3. wwwitchie: hehe, I'm not too sure how I came across that site actually. Pure accident, but those cow mugs just did it for me :)

    zetetiq: I agree! I luuve bean bags.

  4. Hey G, I have a soft toy cow if you want it, honest! :)

  5. Hsejjes: That's so sweet of you! I actually already have a cow soft toy... his name is Napoleon. I have almost every animal available. It's my massive soft toy collection :)

  6. AMENDMENT: Actually, Napoleon is one of the others... I get mixed up. His name is Crazy (the Mad Cow)!


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