Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Dog and the Pony

A while back we decided to take Kerry to the dog park so that we could see what it was all about, and she would be able to run around without her lead. Unfortunately the signage to the dog park are poor (to put it mildly) so despite us walking in the direction that the arrow pointed we never found the gate.

We did, however, come across the petting farm so we decided that once we were there we'd stroll around and see what it was all about. I had been wanting to visit for a while, and unplanned trips are always fun.

It's a cute little place that's free to enter which is great, and there are little play areas for kids which are very cleverly spaced out so that you don't have a whole group of children congregated in one space - the noise could disturb the animals. 

Kerry was fascinated by the animals, and the pony seemed to take a special interest in her which was very amusing.

Those are little flowers on her head because she decided to go head first into a flower bush

P.S. We're still planning on visiting (and finding) the dog park soon, especially once the cooler weather settles.

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