Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Goodbye Second Trimester

My second trimester is practically over and I didn't write anything about it. Mainly because I didn't have much to say. People ask me how I'm feeling and how I'm getting along all the time, and my answer hasn't really changed at all. 

'I'm doing great. I'm probably feeling healthier than when I wasn't pregnant in fact! Apart from some slight discomfort to my back and feeling restless when I've been sitting for a while, I've really been very lucky, thank God.'

Now the third trimester is approaching along with the end of 2013, as 2014 promises to be a year of massive changes that I am so looking forward to. I always thought that I would be petrified of the actual birth process; however, at this moment in time (I stress this because I know that closer to the date this could change completely) I'm not scared of the birth because the prospect and appeal of seeing our baby is so completely overwhelming that it surpasses any feelings of fear. And I'm actually very grateful for this feeling and outlook.

We've started ante-natal classes with a wonderful midwife who is just so down to earth, practical and funny! We're a fairly large group of people and she just has everyone laughing during the 2-3 hour session, while at the same time knowing how to be serious about the serious issues. At least she's not all doom and gloom, coming at you with that air of 'I've been there and you don't know what's going to hit you.' I agree that I probably have no idea as to what's going to hit us, but women have been giving birth for thousands of years and have coped (with less than what we have nowadays) so I think with a generous dose of patience, humour and appreciation we'll be fine.

And here's a tummy pic at 25 weeks +.

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