Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Welcome Tom

It's been over 3 months since I last posted here. Doesn't really feel like that long, but I suppose I've had other things keeping me busy, namely getting to the end of my pregnancy and actually having a baby. 

Blog posts form in my mind, but between that point and getting to write them down there's a lengthy time lapse which means that they inevitably fizzle out.

So, on Sunday, February 2nd, our gorgeous baby boy was born - Thomas Oliver, though we'll be calling him Tom. He was Oliver for a while whilst I was pregnant but as the name was 'used' it didn't grow on me, on the contrary it started annoying me somewhat so I knew that it couldn't remain as the No.1 option. But it was still a name that I liked so it remained a contender, and it also happens to be a family name. We then decided on Thomas because it's a McKenna family so by joining the two we've got both families covered.

Parenthood is wonderful and exhausting and a little bit scary too. Each day is unlike another and yet they all build on each other. We're very lucky in terms of Tom's sleeping habits as he sleeps well and only wakes for his feeds and settles back down relatively quickly. Having said that he's a very alert baby with his large grey eyes taking in his surroundings (as far as he's able to see anyway). 

There's so much to write about the whole experience that I need to definitely dedicate some more time to this blog, but, as I'm sure all mothers know, time is a precious commodity.

So to end this post, here's Tom.

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  1. Hello again gorgeous boy... not that he will read this LOL but yeah :-D . One day when he is older ;) XX


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