Monday, 3 September 2012

Just a few weeks to go

The wedding is next month! It's so close now that I can almost feel it. We've been fairly busy getting things in order, such as registering with the Curia and registering with the state; preparing the entire mass text; meeting with the florist; meeting with the sommelier... so many things that are slowly being crossed off the list.

I have another dress fitting later this week and then there's the make-up trial and the hair trial and it's all such fun and so exciting!!

I had a moment of pre-wedding drama when one of my bridesmaids backed out due to personal and financial difficulties. She lives in a rather far-away country so I understood that the financial investment was a big one, plus she was uber apologetic. Thankfully a cousin of mine accepted the role very graciously so a crisis was averted.

People are RSVPing for us, so it's always fun opening the letter box and finding little RSVP cards. It makes every day a little bit special in the run up. And it's such fun speaking to people and having them tell you that they're really looking forward to the day. 

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