Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Winning Ticket

The local weekly lottery is at €430,000 today. That's a lot of money. That's also a lot of money that would help infinitely right now. Truth be told I don't actually need all that money and would definitely be altruistic with it, starting out by sharing it with my family. I firmly believe that charity begins at home and you need to take care of those around you first and foremost. 

Then it would just help out in having a financially stress-free wedding. Being able to settle all payments in full immediately would be just brilliant. 

So during my lunch break I'm going to buy a ticket. Hopefully the winning one. And if I don't win... I guess we'll keep on with life as normal. Of course if you want to help fund my wedding, feel free to get in touch!! ;)


  1. Ah my husband & I talk often of what we would do if we ever won... dare to dream!

    1. You've got to allow yourself to dream :) I just hope that it becomes a reality!! Thanks for the comment :)


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