Saturday, 2 June 2012

Now you're 34

We celebrated P's birthday a couple of days ago so I was trying to think of interesting presents to get him. I knew that the button on his wallet had torn so I had decided that I would get him a nice wallet - this was the most arduous present to find! I spent about 3 days going around shops during my lunch break looking for men's wallets that had a coin pouch, because most men's wallets come only with space for notes and cards, but a coin compartment is useful. Eventually I found one which I liked and which was in my price range - and P was happy with it until he tried to put his credit cards in and the slots are too small!! Aren't credit cards a standard size? Why make the compartments smaller than the standard size? So now we have to go and change it.

However the creme de la creme of presents was a Couple's Golf Trial Session :) We went to the golf club where we met our instructor who took us to the driving range, explained the clubs to us, instructed us on hand positioning, gave us a bucket of balls and away we went. It's rather trickier than they make it look on TV but it was fun. We also did bunker shots - which I had the knack for (!!) and putting. All in all I think golf may be a sport for me... and for P obviously ;)

Unfortunately our lunch wasn't as great as the golf so we eat what we could, paid and left. 

In the evening we had organised a private wine tasting session for a few close friends at a wine bar where we know the owner. We had the room to ourselves and a long table set up with 6 glasses at every placing - 2 champagne glasses and 4 white wine glasses. The sommelier explained the three different methods in which sparkling wine and champagne is made and explained about grapes and regions and a host of other interesting tidbits. And then the fun part started ;) 

We first tasted a lovely sparkling wine, followed by a champagne and then four Sauvignon Blanc white wines from different regions and different producers so that we could taste the difference between them. I took notes like a diligent student marking the colour, smell, acidity, etc. Once the tasting was done we had a lovely spread of bread, cheeses, cold cuts, dips and sandwiches so we all tucked in until there was still food left but we just couldn't eat anymore. And then there was a lovely chocolate cake as a final surprise :)

All in all it was a wonderful day and golf and wine tasting are definitely on my list of 'Things to do more of'!


  1. Anonymous07:54

    Wow, you pulled out all the stops! What a great way to spend one's birthday! Mine is in a couple of days if you want to give a couple of ideas to the husband...

  2. Hehe I always TRY and think of outside-the-box presents. Hope yours is equally as lovely :) Happy Birthday x

  3. I have always been curious about Golf. I have heard it is harder than it looks.

    Was the food that bad??

    Looks like it was a lovely way to celebrate his birthday. Very creative =)) XX

  4. It is harder than it looks, but it's good fun.

    The food wasn't the most awful thing ever but nothing to write home about and doubt that we'd eat there again out of choice.

    Thanks xx


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