Tuesday, 26 June 2012

For the Sake of a Cake

There are just a few months left to go until the wedding and sometimes I think we've done it (almost) all and then at others I think 'OMG there's still so much left to do!' Thankfully we've got 3 detailed check-lists which we're marking off (we chose 3 to be sure that nothing gets left out) and we seem to be pretty much on track. 

Obviously I've just jotted down a to-do (soon) list and there are 10 items on it - but we're all good :)

One of the items is the flavour of the wedding cake. The tradition is for it to be almond but that's so not happening. Yes, I know that almond lasts longer but it's so bland and boring and I want to enjoy eating the cake, not just cutting it! So have you been to any weddings that didn't have an almond-flavoured cake? What was it and would you recommend it?


  1. I would def recommend doing whatever it is YOU want for your wedding cake. I find the typical wedding cakes here are bland like you say. Go for something unique and to your liking. Screw tradition is what I say lol. Our wedding was anything but traditional Maltese and loved it & actually got many comments, "amazing wedding, not typical maltese-was a nice change" etc. Its your wedding so dont conform haha

  2. Anonymous13:54

    My sister makes all sorts of flavours for her clients. Bacio seems to be very popular (I don't like it myself). Ours wasn't almond either. We had a croquembouche (a mountain of profiteroles held together with caramel).

  3. Anonymous13:55

    My sister makes all sorts of flavours for her clients (bacio seems to be a favourite though I don't like it). Ours wasn't almond either. We had a croquembouche, a traditional French 'cake' made out of a mountain of profiteroles held together with caramel.


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