Tuesday, 26 June 2012

For the Sake of a Cake

There are just a few months left to go until the wedding and sometimes I think we've done it (almost) all and then at others I think 'OMG there's still so much left to do!' Thankfully we've got 3 detailed check-lists which we're marking off (we chose 3 to be sure that nothing gets left out) and we seem to be pretty much on track. 

Obviously I've just jotted down a to-do (soon) list and there are 10 items on it - but we're all good :)

One of the items is the flavour of the wedding cake. The tradition is for it to be almond but that's so not happening. Yes, I know that almond lasts longer but it's so bland and boring and I want to enjoy eating the cake, not just cutting it! So have you been to any weddings that didn't have an almond-flavoured cake? What was it and would you recommend it?


  1. I would def recommend doing whatever it is YOU want for your wedding cake. I find the typical wedding cakes here are bland like you say. Go for something unique and to your liking. Screw tradition is what I say lol. Our wedding was anything but traditional Maltese and loved it & actually got many comments, "amazing wedding, not typical maltese-was a nice change" etc. Its your wedding so dont conform haha

  2. My sister makes all sorts of flavours for her clients. Bacio seems to be very popular (I don't like it myself). Ours wasn't almond either. We had a croquembouche (a mountain of profiteroles held together with caramel).

  3. My sister makes all sorts of flavours for her clients (bacio seems to be a favourite though I don't like it). Ours wasn't almond either. We had a croquembouche, a traditional French 'cake' made out of a mountain of profiteroles held together with caramel.


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