Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

These were my nails in desperate need of a manicure. I use Gelish which is great because it lasts a couple of weeks and doesn't chip; however, it means that I have to go to my beautician whenever they grow out (as you can see in the above pic). But once I do go, I get a lovely new colour and well-shaped nails. This time I went for a pink (which actually looks nothing like the photo!) that was made to raise awareness for breast cancer. It's a bright, girly pink and is perfect for summer :)


  1. Is Gelish the fake nails done by gel?

    I had done gel nails once and my nails where horrible once the gels came off

  2. No those are my nails, not fake nails. Gelish is the type of nail polish used. It dries by UV light

  3. ok I think when I did gel nails they used Gelish on top of them.

    I like the idea of the nail polish to stay there for a long time without chipping. Will check it out here in Holland.


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