Saturday, 21 April 2012

Some Hen's Night Ramblings

I have a hen's night in June so the maid of honour is currently emailing everyone with details of the event and what we need to do, etc. So now I'm thinking about my hen's night. Obviously.

I'm not too sure about what I want, but I do know what I don't want. I don't want a meal. A meal is for every weekend/weekday/regular outing. This is a hen's night and it has to be different. I also don't want a lot of penis paraphernalia on my head or around my neck or anywhere on me. This is not an homage to the male organ. This is about girl's having fun. So boas, badges, sashes, possibly even veils - that's all good. But I want the dick decorations kept to a minimum.

I know that I want great music, and alcoholic drinks, and a generally fun event - for everyone. 

My list of ladies invited is quite long so my MOH and bridesmaids are going to need to rack their brains somewhat to come up with something that's fun for all, without being tacky, but neither boring. Haha, do I sound demanding? I know that I want to be somewhat involved with the basic structure of things, however, I'm very happy to be surprised.


  1. A suggestion.... a trip on that sight seeing bus around Malta or the train in Rabat hehe and then perhaps Afternoon Tea at palazzo parisio or something. I know you said no meals but afternoon tea is not really a meal is it? Just an idea for something different :-)

    1. Yeah I had thought about the sightseeing bus, I think that would be loads of fun :) Tea is sweet but perhaps a bit too 'good' :P

  2. Anonymous21:55

    Mine was a day at the spa with my sister and my closest girlfriends. Then we had drinks and dinner. Not a penis in sight too! :-)

    1. Sounds lovely and relaxed :)

  3. Anonymous23:58

    Have you thought about life drawing, I did for my hens and I loved it... I'm 33 so lie you wasnt in to the "dress up "like an idiot style. The life drawing was classy, no sleeze and well run.. Highly recommended.


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