Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wedding Update

Last weekend was jam-packed with wedding fever as one of P's best men (yes, he has two) came down from the UK to meet everyone and get measured for his suit. We were out all weekend visiting the reception hall, going through the details of the wedding, meeting the rest of the wedding party (most of them anyway; one usher is in England and one bridesmaid is in Canada!) and just making the most of our limited time.

We had a couple of quiet months when it came to the planning so now we're back looking at a few more details. Suits are booked, cars are booked, and next week we're meeting a priest to see if we like him and want him to celebrate our marriage. It's been surprisingly difficult to get in contact with an English-speaking priest!

The invitation samples should be arriving this weekend and I'm really looking forward to seeing them. I think they're going to look really pretty :) We also need to go and choose a gift registry. OMG, we can get a new kettle! LOL.

Working on getting RSVPs is probably one of the most time-consuming tasks, especially since many of the guests are abroad. But it must be done! And truth be told, I'm enjoying all of the preparations :)

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  1. Alison08:49

    Must be lovely to go through this process of organising your wedding :-). Maybe one day I will know what it's like hehe.

    BTW this morning I found out that my mother forgot to post your birthday card for me. I had given it to her lol. I am sending it anyway ta. It will be mega belated but it's yours LOL xx


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