Monday, 23 January 2012

Because there must be more to it than Facebook

Do you ever feel that the Internet sometimes dwindles down to email, Facebook and Twitter? Seriously, there are millions of sites out there (this is by no means researched or meant to be exact, but it sounds right) yet I sometimes have no idea where to virtually venture. So it all boils down to pressing F5 every few minutes on FB and Twitter in the vain hope that someone will post something interesting.

So this is an appeal to all you out there. What sites do you browse when whiling away time? Please don't say that you read Wikipedia or all the stories on The Guardian (although you may and I'm sure it helps while away the time), I'm after something that's a bit more... enlightened.


  1. - Ok honestly I go through dailymail and open whatever piques my interest in a new window LOL.

    - Then I attack Google Reader and catch up on my 1000+ unread posts which do not seem to dwindle no matter how much I catch up with every day hehe.

    - is another one i use to watch series and stuff.

    - Then I spend some time on operachic which is like the gossip and news page for opera fans lol

    Right now those are what come to mind. Google reader keeps me occupied quite a bit. :-)

    1. Agree 100% with regard to Google Reader. It's what I use to keep up with my blogroll; unless I want to actually SEE the blogs themselves :)

      I've heard a lot about - I've never tried it myself. Guess I should give it a shot.

  2. I don't have any inspiration, unfortunately. All I know is that, personally, when it gets to that useless point of refreshing too often (& boy do I know that feeling!!), I take it as a sign to get up and do something else! x

  3. Hey G - you can use sites such as you can use it as is - let it suggest anything from most trending articles to most viewed youtube videos & flicker photos. however you can also log in your preferences and it will "pop" articles / videos / photos of interest ...

    When I have nothing specific to read/browse i always turn to popurls :)

  4. seriously addictive and you can learn a few things too! ...Or just drool over pretty stuff! ;)

  5. BBC player for TV shows; Rotten Tomatoes to check out the best and worst movies; to find out what's going on in the world.

  6. I like to check Geek & Poke which are geeky cartoons. I also love for a food blog which you shows pictures of the recipes from bloggers around the world. Also I Love charts tumblr (, The Kitchn and Design Therapy.


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