Monday, 23 January 2012

Blogging Freedom

Once I fire up my computer there are always the standards tabs and windows that I open - and Blogger is typically one of them. My intention to write a blog post is always there, yet somehow the resolve doesn't always follow. I get writer's block, I lose train of though, I simply go blank.

Every blog/site that has writing tips and tricks will tell you, write about anything. Write about the fact that you're not sure what to write about. So I've jumped on that bandwagon. I'm sure that there are other people out there who encounter the same problem. That's probably the reason for the hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs that are started and abandoned. People always start out with the best of intentions thinking that they have tons to write about, and they probably do, but somehow the fount of inspiration runs dry. 

I've been blogging since 1999 (I believe) so that's a good few years, and definitely not something that I should just allow to run dry. Yes, there might be some dry spells and pockets of silence in the archives; however, should I allow that to bother me? Of course not. I'm in control of my blog. 

There are bloggers who can maintain daily updates (most of which are great) and there are others who cannot. That's the beauty of the blogosphere - the mix and dynamics of people coming together to share their stories, ideas, bouts of wisdom and inspiration... all in our own time.

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  1. I couldn't agree more, G! And 13 years of blogging?! Wow! You are NOT allowed to stop after so many years.


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