Monday, 30 January 2012

Winter Woes

I'm not a fan of the cold that we experience here in Malta. It's humid and damp and not at all fun. It also doesn't help that I have nowhere to go during the day so there's not much motivation to actually go outside, which on the one hand is a God-send but, having said that, it can also get rather dreary.

So, hurry up better weather.

The cold has also really affected my skin, hair and nails. I had to cut off all my nails because they started cracking. My skin is really dry (not helped by staying in front of the heater admittedly). And my hair doesn't dry well, so it doesn't straighten well.

Really, hurry up and get a bit warmer.

I definitely need a trip to my beautician and hairdresser. I think that will definitely need to happen in 3 weeks time as I turn 30! Wooo!! I thought that I would hate it but I'm actually not bothered about it. I guess as long as it's my birthday I won't care what age I'm turning.


  1. Anonymous23:33

    I hear you! I desperately need a facial, and my hair is in tatters since C is keen on tearing out every strand I have! Bring on summer!
    You're only as old as you feel G :)

    1. I'm happy to be turning 30. It's young and apparently the start to the best years of a woman's life ;)

  2. 30 is the best!!


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