Saturday, 12 November 2011

Some photos from my camera

I like taking photos, the only problem is that sometimes I forget to remove them from off the camera and upload them! So here are some photos from my camera. They're not too old...

Bagpipe players at Valletta Waterfront

Kite flyers at Golden Bay

View from Golden Sands Hotel

More views from Golden Sands Hotel

Our lovely white wine at Golden Sands

Beautiful Mediterranean sunset

A minute later and the sun has dipped some more

A plateful of macaroons :)

My first Cinnabon (clearly way too much hype made)


  1. Those macaroons from Malta???

    Didn't you like Cinnabon? When I had tasted them in the US they were divine.

  2. Yes the macaroons are from Golden Sands. You can also find them at in Gzira

    I wasn't impressed by Cinnabon. It's good but not worth the fuss that people make imo.


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