Monday, 14 November 2011

Edna's here for Christmas

Today was a Twitter day for me. As much as I love Twitter I'm usually so busy at work that I don't log on because it's very distracting. However, there are days that are quieter and so I can allow myself some Twitter time. And as it turned out today was a good day to be on Twitter because Mrs. Stephen Fry announced her much-awaited news - a new book is on its way. But there's more. This book is being published by Unbound, this great company whereby people support authors financially and in return get their name in the book, amongst other perks which depend on the amount that you pledge.

It's an absolutely wonderful idea and I was very excited to show my support (and have my name mentioned in the book). Paul recognised my excitement (he has a knack for this) and suggested that this be one of my Christmas presents! How wonderful is that?!

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