Friday, 25 November 2011

THE Dress

It really is true what they say. Once you wear it, you just know. Yep, I've found THE Dress :)

It's beautiful and just the thing I wanted. And, I'm not sure how to explain it, but there's something special about it too. Something whimsical and magical.

I tried on about 6 dresses but once that one went on, it was a gasp-worthy moment. It fit perfectly which is great because I could see exactly what it looked like. They often have you try any larger sizes because they can be altered, and hold all the extra material in with clips; however, they still don't stay on properly. But this one was made for me.

So happy with it :)

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  1. Anonymous21:23

    One of the best moments in wedding planning! I had seen mine in a mag, found it in a shop, tried it on and that was it. Can't wait to see you in it!


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