Sunday, 14 November 2010

Revenance - One to Watch

Yesterday evening we attended a local theatre production entitled Revenance. You would not have seen it or heard of it before because it's an entirely original script written by Malcolm Galea (of Porn - The Musical fame).

The production lasted just an hour and it was absolutely brilliant. I loved the idea and the way it was written, but more than that the way it was performed. It was thought-provoking and intense and you needed to pay attention. But it was also humorous which added a nice touch. 

If this play is ever performed again (outside of Malta) then do yourselves a favour and go and watch it. If you are in Malta, then it's on tonight (Sunday) and next weekend (19 - 21 Nov) at MITP so book your tickets now. You can then grab some dinner after the show because it finishes by 9:30 p.m.

We went to a lovely little restaurant in Valletta called La Mer. And it really was little - no more than 30 covers! In fact we took the last available table and were warned that the food might take a while; however, that was fine by us, at least they had the decency and foresightedness to inform us. The menu was lovely and varied with specialisations in Arabic, Indian, Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine. We first had an Arabic platter to share which was very tasty and then had an Indian dish as a main which was also lovely and filling. Their dessert menu is somewhat plain unfortunately but what they have is still delicious. We'll definitely go back because there are so many other dishes that I want to try!

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