Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Ode to my Man

Yesterday was cinema night. We've had a cinema voucher pending for about 2 months and we finally set a date and went to watch a film. We first had a spot of dinner at a chicken place by the cinema (very nice; and even though they first got us the wrong order their handling of it was very good so we'll return) and then went to watch Life As We Know It because we had seen previews of it on TV and it seemed funny enough.

We really enjoyed it and I recommend that you watch it if you enjoy romantic comedies that aren't too slushy. Paul enjoyed it so it passes the 'man' test :)

However, before we went in to the theatre we were watching previews of forthcoming films and they showed Harry Potter (for which I obviously got very excited) and then P says the sweetest thing: Let's see if we can book tickets now for opening night.

Alas, we couldn't book then. But it was still such a sweet thought.

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