Thursday, 18 November 2010

London Trip


This is where I currently am. I'm attending a conference on Social Media - and also getting in some shopping, theatre and family and friends while I'm here.

I went to watch Legally Blonde at the Savoy Theatre this evening and it was such fun! The audience comprised 98% females and 2% males! It was such a lively, fun and high vitality show and I'm so glad that I did go and watch it. (I was somewhat apprehensive about going alone and travelling alone but it was fine).

Tomorrow is the second and final day of the conference, which means another delicious lunch at the Marriott Hotel -very posh!- then it should be dinner with a friend and Friday morning I'm back on the plane and heading back home.

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  1. Enjoy London to the fullest. So far, it's my favourite city in Europe (not that I've been to many), aside from the food.


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