Sunday, 7 November 2010

Blogger Secret Santa

Are you interested in being part of a blogger Secret Santa?

Then head over to the Novelista Barista's Secret Santa post and sign up. You have until November 15 to do so.

The more, the merrier :) Let me know if you're signing up by leaving me a comment!


  1. Last year I got a pretty sour 'deal' out of it. A blogger in the US sent me a voucher to use on a US site - the postage to Europe was more than the value of the voucher itself. I ended up passing it on to a friend in the US. Very disappointing. I'm not going to bother this year!

  2. Mmm yes that's unfortunate; however, these things happen.

    It's like with swapping - I was swaplifted once but I didn't let it deter me just because of one negative incident.

    Hopefully this Blogger Secret Santa will be successful - if not, well, we'll see next year.


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