Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I'm back home. It's nice to be back. The comfort and the familiarity of everything around me is something that is always nice to come back to. Although I did enjoy London, especially because I've been there so many times that I feel comfortable walking around the city. I 'know' the area and I'm used to the Tube system and the people. I'm also used to the shopping of which I did a lot! :) I had a great time going round the shops in my spare time and buying new clothes and new things. I increased my suitcase weight by 11kg! I didn't actually manage to buy everything that I wanted. I'm still after a pair of black trousers. Why are they always so difficult to find?? I did, however, buy other trousers and jeans, several tops, accessories and my star purchase - a gorgeous pair of high heeled black lacquered court shoes. I also bought some items for Paul, including COD Black Ops, which I understand is what most women are currently complaining about because the game is garnering more attention than they are!

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  1. Anonymous17:28

    The sometimes easiest things to buy are the hardest to find! You end up buying everything except them! London is beautiful this time of the year! You truly get into the Christmas spirit :)


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