Thursday, 25 November 2010

How do you spread your festive cheer?

The lovely bloggers behind some of the blogs that I read either have babies or are about to have babies, and I think that Christmas must be so much lovelier with children in the house.

So as I was searching for Christmas decorations and all-things Christmas (just for me not because of any children!) I was amazed at the amount of kiddie-related decorations that I came across, either with Baby's 1st Christmas or My First Stocking.

I also came across these wonderful baby photo cards with Christmas themes (and even without for other seasons). You can choose from their background images or you can upload your own and then you add a photo of your child/children to send to your friends and family.

Aren't they just the cutest thing to send to relatives abroad who may not have seen your child yet? I just love the personalized nature of them (which is something that we're losing because everyone sends emails or Facebook messages) and I think it's sad because receiving cards in the mail is such fun. As is sending them :)

Do you send Christmas (or Season's Greetings) cards to your friends and family?


  1. Since I moved abroad I started sending Christmas cards out since I really love when I receive cards. So most probably people will like receiving cards as well!!

  2. I LOVE the Christmas card thing! And yes, we're very much looking forward to next Christmas being Emily's first... this one's also going to be special in a way though, as our last one just us :)

  3. I don't look forward to writing the numerous Christmas cards - 1. I make it a point to write a meaningful message to each and every one so it takes a lot of time 2. knowing that they'll end up in the waste bin makes you realise what a waste of time it all is. 3. I hate receiving cards with just 'From xxx' - so rude, in my opinion.
    Thanks for sharing the baby card link. It's a very lovely idea.

  4. I have been doing Christmas cards for the past couple years. It makes me feel good knowing that even if it is only brief, the recipient of the card will know that I cared enough about them to want to send them it. This year we did a picture of my boyfriend and on on the beach with our two dogs that are wearing antlers. :)


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