Tuesday, 7 December 2010

How (not) to set up your Christmas Tree

This year is the first time that we're decorating the house together :) Although we were already living together last year we didn't decorate because everything happened so late in the year. But this year I was adamant that I wanted my tree and crib and Christmas spirit around the house.

I found the most adorable crib where every person is quite round, including the sheep and it was a steal at €20 so I bought it immediately (and it's a good thing that I did because it turned out to be the last one in stock).

I've set that up above the fireplace and they seem content there. I'll probably add a candle for them and a poinsietta for colour.

Next came the tree. Paul thought that it was possibly stored in a chest in the spare room. So we removed everything that was on the chest, opened it, and found... an oven mit. But no tree. At that point we decided that once we had the chest cleared we wanted to take it out of the spare room and place it in the living room. Muscles ready, we lugged it up to the living room.

Once there we looked around thinking 'where shall we put it?' A couple of suggestions later we decided to move the sideboard across the room to the dining area, rotate the dining table, move the TV to the opposite corner of the room, shift the liquor cabinet instead of the sideboard, rotate the sofas and armchairs according to the TV, and place the chest in a corner where the TV was.

And we still had no tree.

Second storage possibility was in the storage area of the sofa-bed, which we use for our laundry; so after moving half the laundry items we lifted the lid and found... tree lights! But no tree.

Yesterday we discovered that the tree was stored in its box in the garage with no hassles to get it out whatsoever. The decorations are also in a box in the garage, though rather high up. So we now have an assembled tree. Undecorated.

Tomorrow, however, is a public holiday here so Christmas fever is going to hit the house :)


  1. Very funny. We got a real tree this year which was snowed on so made a mess in the apartment when the snow melted on the floor!

  2. Real trees are beautiful. We used to have those when I was younger. In fact, I've never owned a fake tree before! However, they are messy (even without snow) because the leaves fall so easily.

  3. Veronica Montanaro18:09

    We won't be decorating this year, as I have assignment deadlines--Though a tip that I found very useful (especially if you have storage place) is packing the tree, with the decorations still on the tree, in a garbage bag-so the following year you just bring out the tree and just add the lights :) quick and easy, decorations still remain nice- Practical (or lazy) way out :)

  4. I love that "christmas fever" will hit your house :) Lights and the smell of christmas makes me really cheery.

  5. lmao kemm dahhaktni!! oven mit?!! lol - brilliant


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