Monday, 25 October 2010

Death of a Doornail

Showing at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta
30 - 31 October 2010
Because it's Halloween Week...

I'm currently busy being Assistant Stage Manager (aka Book) for a local theatre club that's putting up Death of a Doornail.

It's being held over Halloween weekend and the theme of the play is a murder mystery. It's frivolous and funny and should be lots of fun especially for the audience who are asked to dress up for the occasion, either going all dark and murdersome or else very oppulent and eccentric. The play includes audience participation which I think is just brilliant, because usually you go to the theatre, sit your bum on a seat, watch the actors do their bit on stage, clap and leave.

But this time the audience gets to be involved - they're part of the show. It's a wonderful change to the norm.

As with all theatre productions though it is very time consuming and my evenings are all taken up (thankfully not the weekends!). So once the final curtain is drawn I'm looking forward to stacking up my 'Still to Read' books and happily plod my way through them.

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