Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Uses of Twitter

I know that most people don't 'get' Twitter and think that it's a waste of time. Facebook status updates on steroids would be an apt description you might think, however, it really isn't the case.

For me Twitter is about sharing news, links, information. OK some people use it to complain and talk about their inane lives (those are the ones whom you will Unfollow once they've annoyed you enough and passed the 'Get a life' threshold) but on the most part people use Twitter for good reasons.

Like just this morning I got to know about a band called Carbon Leaf whom I had never heard about so I checked them out on YouTube and I love their music! It's very me :)

So thanks to Valorie for sharing useful information on Twitter! If you use Twitter leave your username in the comments below and I'll check out your stream (I'm @allaboutg).

Here's some Carbon Leaf for your listening pleasure with Life Less Ordinary.

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  1. Love your post!

    Twitter is great for socializing with people outside the usual social boundaries that's why I think it's a breath of fresh air when compared to facebook. I ♥ twitter :)


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