Monday, 23 August 2010

Who Shall I Follow?

Since I prettified my blog I decided to go through my blog list (entitled Reading List to the left) because I noticed that some blogs just weren't being updated and sure enough, they weren't even found!

So I cleaned that up too. And this is where you come in. Can you recommend a blogger whom I should follow?

I enjoy people who speak about their lives and post photos and share links. I don't want people who complain about everything; who are pessimists or downers and people who think that the world is against them and life is so unfair. Those people can stay away.


  1. Anonymous16:09

    my absolute favourite is tollipop for a personal blog. she is definitely positive and writes most beautifully (and i see you already listed her!). since i know you like fashion, garance dore' at is a must. a friend of mine who just moved to england also has a good's called Cup Of Crazy Anyone? and you can find it here (and thanks for leaving me on your list! :-D)

  2. Thanks, will definitely check her out.

    Of course I kept you! I only deleted blogs that were no longer 'in use'.

  3. I love Owl and Peacock... I don't think she's already on your list.

  4. Oooh thanks :) Will take a look x

  5. I like reading C Jane Run and Tales of a Junkaholic. I doubt you have them on your list


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