Monday, 23 August 2010

Who Shall I Follow?

Since I prettified my blog I decided to go through my blog list (entitled Reading List to the left) because I noticed that some blogs just weren't being updated and sure enough, they weren't even found!

So I cleaned that up too. And this is where you come in. Can you recommend a blogger whom I should follow?

I enjoy people who speak about their lives and post photos and share links. I don't want people who complain about everything; who are pessimists or downers and people who think that the world is against them and life is so unfair. Those people can stay away.


  1. my absolute favourite is tollipop for a personal blog. she is definitely positive and writes most beautifully (and i see you already listed her!). since i know you like fashion, garance dore' at is a must. a friend of mine who just moved to england also has a good's called Cup Of Crazy Anyone? and you can find it here (and thanks for leaving me on your list! :-D)

  2. Thanks, will definitely check her out.

    Of course I kept you! I only deleted blogs that were no longer 'in use'.

  3. I love Owl and Peacock... I don't think she's already on your list.

  4. Oooh thanks :) Will take a look x

  5. I like reading C Jane Run and Tales of a Junkaholic. I doubt you have them on your list


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