Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Things I Don't Like

Following on the post of Things I Like, here are a few things that I don't like...
  • Mushrooms - I know that many people love them; hey, there's even a pizza adorned by just them but I just don't like the smell of them and the taste of them. Moreover, they're a fungus!
  • Teenage Angst - I'm not referring to stressed out students the day of their final exams - that is perfectly understandable and possibly healthy. It's the 'my life is shit and no one loves me' drama that comes from teenagers who live in large houses, pay no rent/bills, get an allowance and yet, still, complain. And then we wonder why our youth are screwed up.
  • Facebook Drama - Yes, there is such a thing as TMI... even on Facebook.
  • Male waxing - I like a well groomed man, but waxing everywhere is taking it a tad too far. Definitely.
  • Cruelty to animals - This may sound obvious and more serious than the other things listed but it's horrifying to still see people being absolutely inhumane towards their pets despite supposedly knowing better. (this happened today)
  • Rikotta cheese - Another food hate - yes this is hate! Hate the sight of it, the taste of it, even having somebody next to me eating it. There's nothing worse for me.
  • People who don't use their indicators - As I once said 'indicators are standard with every car, not an extra - USE THEM!' This is a very common trait in Malta *sigh*
There are other things... I'm not that placid :) However, I think it's best to stop here for now otherwise I'll be dwelling on negative things too much.

What's your pet hate?

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  1. Anonymous15:26

    I am guilty on a few counts in that list you have there hehe ...

    I love shrooms and I don't indicate that much either but then I hate it when people don't indicate. I mean it depends HOW necessary the indicator is at the specific moment LOL.

    Pet hate... with regards to facebook, whiny, moany, always negatvie statuses..... I hide people who have more than a particlaur amount of whiny statuses. It depends what they whine abouty though of course.

    Slow drivers on the fast lane.... nuff said

    People who complain about being cold with the AC in the midst of summer heat (like we have now)... I do not put the ac temperature under 20 but not more than 24. If you are cold...GET A BLOODY JUMPER !!!


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