Sunday, 22 August 2010

Makeover time

I've given my blog another makeover. I know that the last one wasn't too long ago, however, I felt that it still wasn't right. I'm much happier with this one :)

I'm not sure whether it's still 100% done - might add some tabs or social media buttons... will see.

I wanted to get the side columns so I've changed that. I also made a much nicer header that has colours and a bit of me in all the pictures. I love colours; my favourite flowers and my love for shoes.

Speaking about loving colours, I actually bought myself a set of small colouring pencils from Accessorize yesterday that have a coloured 'diamond' at the top of each one determining the colour - adorable! A totally whimsical buy but I love them.

Now, if you're reading this via RSS feed then you're not seeing the new look (pity!) However, please do head over to All About G and let me know what you think. It'll only take you 3 minutes and 42 seconds ;)

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  1. 3 minutes and 42 seconds!! Lol. Loving the new design... the shoe especially (of course) x


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