Monday, 26 July 2010

Let Me Introduce You... Treva Travels

Another person whom you really should know about is my friend Trevor who is living a wonderful life in Italy and all over Europe with GAP Adventures. He's been trekking, climbing, walking - appreciating nature in its most basic form and in its entirety. And then there's the wonderful cuisine that comes along with these countries.

To accompany his descriptive writings that make you want to immediately pack your bags and jet off to some mountain region or idyllic countryside, Trev also takes some wonderful photos of the places that he visits. The visual pleasures that one achieves from these images is too stunning for words.

Leave him a note and he'll gladly let you know where the best place for that particular holiday is. He's already recommended a fabulous, romantic destination for 2 to me (not sharing though! :P)

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