Friday, 23 July 2010

Summer in the Med

Summertime in Malta is pretty much what we're all about. Yes, there's a lot more to the island; however, being an island in the Mediterranean it's inevitable that people associate it with blue skies, blue seas and a scorching sun. And to be fair, they're not far wrong... at all.

Current temperatures are reaching the mid-30s (according to the Met Office); however, I'm positive that in the baking midday sun it's hitting the 40 Celcius mark. So, if you live in a hot country, or somewhere where the temperatures are rising, I salute you. Let me know where you live and what the heat is like there. In the meantime I've got to get myself defuzzed (still saving for my laser hair removal) and off to the beach this weekend to get tanned and jump into the sea :) 

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