Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Yesterday, for the first time in ages, I bought myself a glossy mag; Glamour (UK), to be exact. I used to buy magazine quite regularly when I was younger; however, not so much in recent years. August's issue had a free book with it however and so I thought that I'd treat myself :)

I actually read it from cover to cover (the mag that is not the book) taking in all the adverts and the nuances, paying attention to the typography, the layout, the design... I really made the most out of it and loved every second of it. 

I love (love!) the fashion pages; however, I couldn't help but notice that most of the clothes that they used were quite high-end, designer stuff i.e. expensive! Maybe it was always like that and I never realised before; however, I did see a gorgeous pair of ankle books but when I saw that they were retailing at £275... well, not quite ready for that!

This was also the issue of the Glamour Awards and there was the story of Patrick Stewart having a go at host and comedian James Corden. Quite shocking for such an actor - and he really should know better than to have a go at a comedian!!

Moreover in their beauty section I took notice of all their make-up tips and tricks (usually I just glance and flip the page) but this time I paid attention to all their beauty regime advice from having beautiful skin by exfoliating and moisturising to having beautiful legs whether you opt to shave, wax or have laser hair removal.

One particular tiny article (that could easily be missed) which left me with an 'OMG' expression is that apparently the trend for eyebrows is straight and thick this season. Why?! Why have an eyebrow trend? Just see what suits your face shape and stick to it is what I say. This is your face - what people look at first, why would you mess around with something (almost) permanent just to follow a trend?

So, yeah, that left me somewhat dumbfounded; having said that, I think I may have discovered a new love for glossy mags :)

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  1. Anonymous09:21

    I find it really hard to concentrate on a hard read in summer, so I always end up getting the frivilous female fiction books...and magazines! That way you don't have to mind them getting wet when you take them to the beach as well :)

    I'll keep the eyebrows I have, thank you very much lol...


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