Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Baby steps in the Kitchen

Culinary, I am not. I don't particulary enjoy cooking and I'm not one of those people who can look into their fridge/larder, take out a few items and come up with some gourmet delight. Nope, doesn't happen.

However a couple of days ago it was the usual 'what are we going to have for supper?' and I knew that in the fridge was a packet of lovely fresh tortellini filled with parma ham. I had bought two packets and a jar of sauce some days ago and we had one packet with the sauce which, although it was very nice, was too strong for that type of pasta, so I made a mental note to have the second packet with a plainer sauce. Which is what we did. P got out a recipe book and put me to the task of preparing a white sauce! I had never attempted this in my life; I didn't even know how white sauce was made; however, 20 minutes later I was stirring a lovely, soft sauce with herbs and was feeling rather proud of myself. OK, it was simple; however, I believe in baby steps to achieve something.

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  1. you should read the pedant in the kitchen by julian barnes!


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