Wednesday, 17 February 2010

5 tips to looking fabulous

Spring seems to be slowly creeping in around this part of the world as the days are getting longer, the sun is making more of an effort to be present and blossoms are shyly coming through.

All this is wonderful and warmer weather is definitely longed for as the sun helps one feel more alive and vivacious. However, it also means shedding the layers of clothing that we're able to hide sins under and think about getting into shape for the summer months. I always try and wear clothes that suit my shape and will not follow a fashion trend if it just does nothing for my appearance. And whilst I'm sure that I've made a few errors along the way, here's a guide of what to wear to help you look your best according to your shape.

  1. Wear clothes in your size. Regardless of what that may be, people aren't going to be seeing the label in your clothes; however, they will realise if you're trying to squeeze into something that's too small for you.
  2. Fashion trends can turn you into a sheep, beware. If psychedelic spandex shirts are the hottest thing this season and you have a large bust then steer clear. And that's the same for any seasonal trend. There's a reason why they only last a season...
  3. Wear longer trousers to elongate your body. I like having my trousers covering my shoe because it really does give the appearance of a longer leg. However, be sure that they're not too long as this will make you look like you have no feet!
  4. Stick to one colour - this will also help elongate your body and will help you look slimmer as you get a streamlined effect. It's all about perception.
  5. Colour is good. Whilst black is said to be the most slimming colour (agreed), finding colours that suit you can bring out a glow in a person. If you're pale then opt for bright, loud colours like reds, blues, pinks - stay away from beiges and pastels and these will make you look washed out.
There are many more tips and tricks out there that can help you achieve the perfect look so that you are always groomed to perfection; however, one of the most important is that you feel comfortable in what you're wearing. If you feel good, then you exude a confidence and you look good. Similarly, discomfort will show on your face and attitude giving you a less-than-glamorous appearance.

Don't be afraid to throw out things from your wardrobe. Donate them, sell them, swap them - if they don't belong on your body, then they don't belong in your wardrobe.

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  1. Great post. I *love* throwing things out! It feels 'cleansing'!


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