Monday, 30 November 2009

Home design

I've been catching up on the blogs that I follow and a lot of people post pictures of their dream houses, or even their actual houses and how they'd like to decorate the interior. Well there are certain things that I do like in houses, for example, I think that parquet flooring is just divine and I would love it! I also like modern coloured kitchens. However one piece of furniture that I think would be a must for me is something similar to the TV wall unit below, possibly with more shelving!

I wouldn't fill the sides with ornaments and knick-knacks because they'll just gather dust and I'm not much of an ornament person in any case; however, I would stack books at different angles and put flowers and just a couple of items to give it character. And then a lovely large TV screen in the middle. And soft, leather sofas to watch it from ;)


  1. I think we have a bit of similar taste... love parquet too... modern kitchen and the tv wall unit looks great!


  2. A lovely piece of furniture you've shown there. re: those xmas baubles you asked me about - they're pretty easy to make..nobody showed me how - I just started sticking one sequin next to each other, with the last one slightly overlapping the previous one. I did this row by row. I might not be going the right way but I am quite satisfied with the my work. : )

  3. it’s simple and sweet…… Sofas are simply amazing.


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