Sunday, 15 November 2009

Control tower to virus base: Attack!

It seems like the 'ill virus' that I have escaped from for a few years now has finally caught up with me. Tonsils hurt, body aches, skin colour is not even worth describing - yup, it seems that I either have the flu or my old friend, tonsilitis.

The only upside to tonsilitis is that ice-cream is recommended for recovery.

This afternoon I totally conked out from 3:30 - 8:00! It wasn't just sleep, it was a complete knock out to the point that getting out of bed was such an ordeal that it wasn't even funny. I managed to eat supper but it didn't taste as good as it probably was. I even had a couple of chocolate biscuits afterwards and they didn't pick me up. That's definitely a sign that something is wrong!

Oddly enough the left tonsil hurts more than the right one. Though that could actually be normal and not odd at all. I'm not the doctor so my diagnosis can hardly be considered accurate. I did manage to have a cup of tea which was lovely so I guess there are small victories.

I'm not used to being ill so when I am it hits really hard and I'm usually out for a week or so. I'll see how I wake up tomorrow, perhaps there is hope of a 24-hour recovery!

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