Sunday, 25 October 2009

Show me the shops and let me free

The weather's finally changed/changing; timepieces go back one hour today; the days have got shorter - winter has shown its face once again. Not that I can complain when having summer that lasts for approximately six months.

One of the major changes this time round is clothes. Wardrobes always change once the weather changes; however, the in-between stages of hot and cold are decidedly a pain in the butt when it comes to deciding what to wear. Also opening drawers and cupboards to see clothes that you've worn so many times before can be a bit depressing - to go along with the weather it seems! And at the moment I am in the midst of a shopping crave.

I need retail therapy. I want to go round the shops and buy new clothes. I can just feel the shopping lust. I don't get it often given my clothes bartering tendencies but sometimes a girl just needs new threads in her wardrobe. Having said that, feel free to take a look into my online wardrobe and see whether there's anything that you'd fancy owning. I'm willing to sell for very cheap prices - need to make space for new clothes ;)

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