Monday, 5 October 2009

Production Week

We've entered Production Week for our One Act Play. Lines are learnt, costumes are chosen, entrances and exits are planned. Tonight we set the lighting, Wednesday is our dress rehearsal, Friday we have an audience. Sunday we're judged, and it's all over!

It seems to be a lot of work for just 2 runs but it's worth it. It was a very fun play to be in and we were (and still are!) a very good cast which makes things a lot easier. I actually can't wait to perform it in front of an audience and get reactions to my lines and jokes. My character is extremely humorous so the feedback will be interesting - no feedback will be disastrous!! I'm also interested to hear the judges feedback since this will be my fourth One Act play in five years and hearing critique over the years can be very fruitful.

One positive aspect to rehearsals that I've noted has been the fewer hours that I've spent in front of my PC. Apart from work that is. Since we rehearse in the evenings I don't have the chance to get stuck in front of my monitor and I don't miss it!

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