Monday, 26 October 2009

Julie & Julia

Yesterday evening I watched Julie & Julia at the cinema - don't you just love the cinema when the weather starts getting colder?

I didn't know what the film was about. No, I didn't know who Julia Child was; I never watched a cooking programme before Ready, Steady, Cook! However I really did enjoy the film, possibly because of all the mouth-watering food shots that it included! And also because of the blogging factor - I like films that are aware of social trends.

I think it must be lovely to be able to cook like that and derive such pleasure from it. I don't think it's something that I would particularly inspire to do; however, perhaps if you've got people whom you're cooking for then it takes on a new stance and no longer remains 'the chore of cooking because food is necessary'. One of the dishes that she prepared that struck a chord for me was probably the simplest of bruschetta with tomatoes and cheese - so simple, yet so effective.

I like the idea of various snack foods as a main meal rather than just one plate. Bruschetta, couscous, potato salad, stuffed tomatoes, vol au vents - a lot more work definitely, but more fun!

I love the above picture where she presents of one her dishes to her friends (no that's not a spoiler) because the setting with the fairy lights is just so pretty.

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