Thursday, 30 July 2009

eBay Bargains

I'm not much of an eBay fanatic; however, I do take a look every now and then to see what's on although I try to limit myself because I know that I can get carried away!

But when Kle said that she had found a solution to her earring-storage dilemma I was intrigued, because I have the same problem! I love earrings and all kinds of jewellery and I keep getting more from all sorts of shops and places both online and in the more real world, but storing them does tend to get out of hand. Solution: an earring stand! It sounds simple, and it is! It's really what they tend to use in shops and it makes so much sense. It holds 72 pairs of earrings which is a lot but never doubt a girl's prowess to own jewellery! Kle has already received hers and you can see it put into good use.

I bought the earring stand in the morning before I went to work and then in the evening I decided to log on to eBay again and I bid on a top just on a whim which I won! No competing bidders! But it's pretty and I look forward to receiving it and hopefully it will suit me. If not I guess I'll just swap it!

Despite the 'success' I don't plan on getting any other eBay purchases for now. I have so many clothes that I need to sell/swap that I don't want to fill up with even more things! Having said that head over to My Wardrobe on BigWardrobe and see if there's anything that you'd like. I can cut you a really good deal!


  1. hehe yay we'll have twin stands. just to warn you, the holes for 72 pairs of earrings dont all 'work' - the quality of the stand I ended up with isn't anything to really write home about. It does the job - don't get me wrong, and I still have many holes left to fill *teehee* but some of them aren't punctured through the metal so can't be used. having said that, you might end up with a better one than mine!

    thanks for the links :)

  2. I've always wanted an earring standard, but the point is I dont like them to get so dusty! haha...



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