Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Taking time to breathe

My days are slowly drawing to an end and I think the thing that I realised the most about myself during this time is that I don't really know how to relax!

My mind is constantly racing with things that I could or should be doing and I find it difficult to just stop and do nothing. I have quite a short attention span which is something that I've realised and it comes through when I'm reading, because I tend to skip sentences and then go back and re-read them; when I'm having a conversation with someone, I sometimes think that I come across as rude because my eyes flicker all over the place, and it's not because I'm not listening to the person or am not interested in what they have to say, it's just something with my physiology.

Having said that I definitely needed the days off and I think I made the most of them, by allowing some pampering time, swimming and other random stuff. I didn't do any chores which is a good thing because that's not what time off should be about! It doesn't matter that I have more clothes in my ironing pile than I do in my drawers.

Tomorrow it's back to work and an impending inbox (which I took a sneak peek at actually) so I know what to expect more or less.


  1. What you need is a holiday! When are you next going away?

  2. I would love a holiday! But nothing is planned for the foreseen future. Might try and go in winter... we'll see.


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