Thursday, 30 July 2009

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

You know that feeling you get when everything seems fine and you're in a good mood and smiling and you feel lighter on your feet?

I had that today. It felt good. I felt productive. I got things done. I like these days.

Once work is over tomorrow I have a 5-day break coming up! I don't actually have anything planned for the weekend. My weekends always tend to be largely unplanned in fact; however, on Monday I will be getting my new second-hand car. We're going to do the paperwork and by midday I should be driving it around. So I'll probably fill up the tank and go for a long drive just to get used to it and enjoy it.

Tuesday however is going to be a pampering day because I have a manicure booked and a treatment at the spa appropriately called Pamper Me Time which includes a massage and time in the pool and sauna - just generally relaxing. After that I'm going to meet the lovely Wendy&David (yes they come as a couple ;P) and then I have a work dinner which is not about work and although I'm on leave I'll be attending.

Wednesday I'll be getting my hair cut because I need to style it again. In the morning I might go diving though because I haven't been in so long and I remember that being down there was always incredibly peaceful and I need to experience that again.

Somehow three days doesn't even seem like enough.


  1. You must be feeling very excited about the car! :)

    I would love to go for a massage! After a week at the office, a nice massage would be great!! :))

    Looking forward to meeting you next Tuesday! Wish you a fantastic week-end!

  2. It was really cool meeting up with you today :) Interesting conversation and very enjoyable company :)

    We really need to organise a bloggers meeting perhaps in autumn or winter? :)


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