Saturday, 23 February 2008

Always on the go

I'm currently at work at SJ Cav. It's been such a busy busy week - chosen in a way because I'm giving in more availability than I was so I'm working more.

Yesterday there was Festa over here which was a celebration of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue so we had various events happening in the evening such as music recitals, Flamenco, Tango and Salsa classes, food halls with foods from various places, ethnic music, etc. The place was really buzzing with people, many of them foreign who live in Malta, people from the Chinese community, Indian community - people from embassies too apparently I later found out! I spoke to everyone in the same way and treated everyone the same, except for Eddie when he came to watch Renzo and the band performing some ethnic sounds. He got to go in before the others. Hehe.

Was meant to be working till midnight but by 23:30 everyone had pretty much left so we could leave too. And then I had a birthday to go to in PV. I haven't been to PV on a weekend in absolutely ages and it was just very weird. We went to Coconut and there were all these very weird people around; one in particular was either a very very ugly girl, or a very disturbed guy. Still unsure. But it's really changed from when we'd go out and just meet so many people around and know the majority of the people there. Apart from the group that I was with I knew nobody! They then moved on to Sabor - *retch* - what a dire place! At one point I got smacked on the head by someone's hand! Helloooo?! At 2:30 I decided to make a move, I had been out for a good 16 hours and really felt that I deserved to rest my head. Sleep proved to be very good.

Today I had a hairdresser appointment and then came to work - but first stopped at the M&S Food Hall and bought a sandwich, a bag of nuts and dried fruit, a chocolate and a yummy Sparkling Orange drink. I'm here till 21:00 so I need the sustenance :) And I always have M&S when I'm working on a Saturday - it's a comforting routine.

I think tonight I will chill at home and watch a movie since tomorrow is the BIG DAY! :) I'm looking forward to just hanging out on a Sunday afternoon with friends, no big plans or anything... just take it as it comes. And then I'm off on Monday which is great!

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